Causes and Prevention of Strokes

Strokes occur when the blood supply to part of your brain is cut off. This can affect your brain cells and cause your brain cells to become damaged & die. A stroke can happen to any person it has 2 major types. The most common is an ischemic stroke, which happens when a blood vessel in the brain becomes narrowed and blood clot forms causing a blockage.

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Sometimes the blockage is temporary and is called TIA and often called a mini-stroke. As a result, you may experience confusion, slurred speech for a short time, and then get back to normal feelings again. The other major stroke is Hemorrhagic stroke, this occurs when a blood vessel ruptures, causing a bleed in the brain, permanently damaging the surrounding brain cells.

The risk of stroke increased by an irregular heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation or having a risk factor of being older, having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or being overweight.  A stroke patient may experience a sudden face drop on the side the patient may unable to raise the arms and speech may become slurred.

The doctor may give patient clot-busting medications to break down the clot in patients’ brains. Some people may have emergency thrombectomy, a procedure to remove the clot completely or doctor may try some other treatment to make sure blood flow in patient minds. The treatment you will get depends upon the stroke you have had.

Most patients experience personality & mood changes after treatment patients will not be able to perform as much as they do before the stroke. It depends upon the area of the patient brain, which damaged & how quickly the victim received treatment.

Due to a stroke, people may also experience
Memory Loss
Difficulty swallowing
One side muscle weakness
Slurred speech

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These conditions are permanent but many of the patients improve it over time. Although the stroke has devastating effects on one life, if you act fast and get treatment immediately, this gives you the best chance of making a recovery, and you will be back in normal life.

Factor Causing Stroke:
A stroke happens when blood flow to your brain stops and within a few moments, brain cells begin to die.

There are some contributing factor of stroke are highlighted here and they are;
Poor Diet
Heavy alcohol
Cardiac abnormalities (the abnormal rhythm of the heart)
Damage to the blood vessels of the head and neck plaque formation
Genetically inherited
Abnormal formation of blood vessels
High cholesterol

Prevention of Stroke:
You should eat a healthy diet cooked in the best organic cookware to get the maximum level of vitamins and nutrients from the food, eat a healthy amount of food inappropriate amount, fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain & avoid the fried food, fatty food. You must need to go for regular exercise it is recommended that you should exercise a minimum of 45 minutes a day.

Cholesterol is bad & it may even turn worst if our cholesterol level increases that may cause a stroke. Lower your cholesterol level to prevent the risk of stroke. Lower your blood pressure level as it is a huge factor doubling the risk of stroke. Obesity with diabetes raises the ratio of stroke, to prevent stroke maintain your body mass index 25 BMI is considered as ideal to maintain or to lose the body weight.

If you drink then do it in moderation, the little amount of alcohol consumption reduces the stroke risk. Treat your diabetes and atrial fibrillation, quitting smoking helps you to reduce the risk factor of stroke attacks.

Choosing Cooking Method & Right Cookware
To preserve the quality of nutrients and vitamin best organic cookware is recommended to cook food, as they are non-toxic and non-reactive. Make sure that you are using the best organic cookware that is non-toxic and it will keep chemicals out of your food. Eat organic & real food the food grown without chemicals and other pesticides. Choosing the best organic cookware and organic food provides you maximum nutrition & vitamin.

Organic food is enriched with nutrients and it has a higher level of nutritional content other than our conventional food. Chemical used in non-organic food made them look more beautiful but actually, it kills the microorganisms in the soil. Using the healthiest stainless steel cookware considered one of the best cookware. It avoids the chemicals like iron, nickel, and chromium to leach out in food and harm our body functioning. Cookware made up with bare metal leach the chemicals in food that causes harm to our body like accumulating in arteries blocking the flow of blood making clot that causes stroke, heart, and other body diseases.

This is why organic food cooked within organic cookware is recommended to consume more nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy.

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