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Kick-start your new Healthy Nutritious Lifestyle (HNL) & Food for the healthy Heart

Kick-start your new Healthy Nutritious Lifestyle (HNL) with a FREE Nutritious Meal Via Vitaral.  Before we get into the food for a healthy heart, let’s take a look at and understand what heart disease is.  Heart disease is a condition that involve narrowing or blocking of blood vessels which can bring upon Heart attack, Angina and even stroke.  These conditions affect the heart muscle, rhythm and valves.  This is called Heart disease.  Now part way through this article we are getting interactive whereby you need to finish the sentence.  It’s not difficult and ought to be quick, simple, and easy. WHAT ARE THE EARLIER SIGNS Early sign and symptoms of heart disease can be any of the following and probably two or three.  Lightheadedness, sudden dizziness, Nausea, indigestion, heartburn, abdominal pain, Shortness of breath, Cold sweat, Fatigue, also aching sensation in the chest or arms that may spread to your neck, jaw and back.  With many different types of heart disease the

How Well Do you Know Your Fruit From Your Veg

This may not seem important right now as we just buy and eat without a second thought. But how well do you know your fruit from your veg?   I guess this article will be a wake up call to know what you eat.  Let me introduce you to the greens families especially Dr.  Cruciferous  Family. Here is some bite size information which is quick, simple and easy to use.  Did you know there are only a few types of vegetable families! But do you know what they are.  Let me introduce them to you.   For easy reading and a little fun they have been given titles along with families. Mr. Leafy green Family Dr. Cruciferous Family Mrs.  Marrow Family Miss. Root Family Mr. & Mrs. Edible Plant Stem Family Ms. Allium Family With reference to the above; they all have their very only family characteristics and play a different role in the nutrition arena. In terms of family units,   Mr. Leafy green Family consist of lettuce, spinach and silver beet.  Dr. Cruciferous Family

7 Ways You Might Be Harming Your Immune System

A robust immune system assists in keeping an individual healthy. Organs, tissues, proteins, and cells make up the immune system. These entire components join together to carry out bodily processes that keep bacteria and viruses away.  There are 7 ways you might be harming your immune system.  If you are frequently getting sick you may need to think about your immune system. Your immune system is designed to persevere through all seasons.  Continuous exposure of the body to harmful substances may make your immune system too exhausted to fight disease-causing microorganisms. Your immune system capability may be deteriorating due to the following seven reasons. 1.         Unhealthy Diet 2.         Lack of Exercise 3.         Dehydration 4.         Smoking 5.         Excessive Alcohol Intake 6.         Stress and Anxiety 7.         Lack of Sleep 1.       Unhealthy Diet Unhealthy diets may be meals with a high content of salt, fats, and sugars.  The immun

Preventing Dietary Illness

Hello and welcome to Vitaral Articles I am Paul. I like to think people follow me for my ability and the richness of article information as appose to me as the person.  Think of me as a fruit tree,  we won't climb the tree for its bark. We'd climb the tree for its fruit, if it doesn't have fruit we simply leave as the tree is like any other tree.  However, this tree is a tree for preventing dietary illness. I represent a Health and Nutrition Company in the UK.  The company sells  everything for the kitchen; Knifes, Forks, Spoons, Pots' and Pans, Kettles, Griddles, Electric Skillets wide and tall, you name it. I f you want to save money, do't take the kids shopping!  So the next time you think about buying something for the kitchen think health first and me second. In my capacity I am the type of leader that has a passion to develop and nurture others to become greater leaders than I. Articles on this site are to support the information given during the dinner